Jennifer Morrison by Art Streiber/Fox Jennifer Morrison by Art Streiber/Fox
J.J. Abrams has snatched up another tube star for his forthcoming Star Trek reboot. Abrams confirms that

House's Jennifer Morrison has joined the cast of his as-yet-untitled Trek pic. "She is indeed in the movie," he tells me, "and she is most excellent!" Last week, Morrison was spotted outside one of Trek's Hollywood soundstages, sparking rumors that she had quietly come aboard the ensemble, alongside Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban and Heroes' Zachary Quinto. Although Abrams isn't divulging specifics about her character, he is denying Internet chatter that she's playing the Enterprise's glorified secretary (and Kirk's crush), Yeoman Rand - the role originated by Grace Lee Whitney. "She is not [playing Rand]," he says. Abrams, meanwhile, tells me that the current writers' strike is not affecting production. "Our script is locked," he says. Thoughts on Morrison's casting? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs in between? And got guesses as to who she is playing? (Uhura, perhaps? I kid.) Sound off below!