To mark the 40th anniversary of Star Trek's TV debut, John Nogawski, President of CBS Paramount Domestic Television, and visual-effects producers Dave Rossi and Michael Okuda held a Wednesday conference call with reporters. The hot topic, of course, was the digital remastering of, and CGI enhancements being made to, the original series (as first reported here at The highlights, in brief:

" CGI tweaks are being made to both the full- and syndicated-length versions of all 79 episodes, and in both standard and 16:9 formats.
" Ranging in number from 15 to 70 per episode, the CGI enhancements at most amount to "maybe a minute and a half" in screen time.
" There will be no plot modifications made along the way, akin to E.T. replacing rifles with walkie-talkies.
" The original original series will continue airing on G4 and TV Land for "a year or two," until remastering/CGI work is completed on all 79 episodes. The enhanced episodes start airing Sept. 16 on over-the-air syndication; check listings or for channels/times as that date nears.
" Though the changes are being made with an eye to HDTV broadcasts, many of the 200-plus syndicating stations are simply not equipped to air the "new" Trek in that format. Still, the 4:3 standard version is promised to be "unbelievably gorgeous."
" J.J. Abrams' big-screen revisiting of Star Trek played no role in the decision to update the series. (And to the best of Nogawski's knowledge, a completed Trek film script does not yet exist.)
" As best as I could surmise, Raven Snook, there are no plans to do any such things as giving tribbles eyes and teeth. (Keep 'em cute, I say!)