Question: The new office looks great! A few suggestions though: You need some stuff on the wall, that cat calendar has got to go, and the computer monitor you have looks like it's from 1993. Make TPTB give you one of those fancy flat-screen ones. Also, what size shoe do you wear? Those things look huge!

Answer: I don't want to brag, but, yes, I've been blessed with a huge pair of shoes. And don't knock the calendar it was a gift from my friends at PETA. But I appreciate the feedback. Actually, I was pretty shocked at how many e-mails I received specifically about my new digs. Here are some of the standouts:

  • Your lamp shade is crooked. It kind of bothers me. Libby
  • I think your office needs a Snapple machine and a life-size poster of Keri Russell. Amie
  • The office pictures look great, but what kind of computer do they have you typing Ask Ausiello on? It looks ancient! T. Paul
  • I like the new office, otherwise know as the Fortress of Smurfitude. Kelli
  • I'm not sure you're ready for your own office! I mean, it's not like you're in Matt Roush's league yet. John
  • Congrats on the new office, but you need to call Nate Berkus for a makeover, or at the very least hit the nearest Benjamin Moore store. A nice Smurf Blue or a Veronica Mars yellow would do wonders for the place. Donna
  • You need a computer younger than you. Get a Mac G5. That honkin' great monitor you have now reduces your coolness factor to zip. Sanou Yapo
  • Congrats on the new office, but seriously, they couldn't spring for a flat-screen monitor? That monitor looks older than you! Plus, it doesn't match your keyboard, which would drive me nuts! Tracy
  • Can I have your cube? Chris