Terry O'Quinn Terry O'Quinn

The extended trailer from Lost's forthcoming fifth season is upon us — and those crafty folks over at ABC have created yet another mystery to add to the laundry list by flashing a subliminal message twice (at the 1:34 and 2:25 mark) within the video set to The Fray's new video for "You Found Me."

The split second image flashed is a logo for Ajira Airways which consists of a roaring tiger atop a flaming sun (and as with Oceanic, a teaser site has been created).

The trailer consists of footage for last season as well as a few select snippets from the upcoming Season 5 including Sawyer and Juliet holding hands and Desmond and Penny in bed.

We always welcome Lost sneak peeks with open arms, but what we're more focused on right now is the hidden logo and what it means. Let the theories begin!