What's in a name? When it comes to New Girl's Schmidt (Max Greenfield), a lot.

We've learned a great deal about Schmidt over the years since the show started — his history of collecting photos of himself in swimsuits and the fact that he can only be pulled off the binge-eating edge by viral Michael Keaton impersonators, for example.

Juicy stuff.

One thing that has yet to be revealed about him, however, is his first name.

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You'd think 10 years of sharing an apartment with a guy might earn you a peek at a driver's license, lease, or bank statement — something to make his moniker known to the 4D kids. But alas, it's yet to happen .. until now?

Hannah Simone, who plays Schmidt's wife and potential future baby mama Cece, has shared a preview ahead of Tuesday's new episode that teases the reveal of what Schmidt himself describes as "the worst name in the entire history of names."

While sharing the teaser,, Simone wrote on Twitter, "THE BIGGEST REVEAL IN NEW GIRL HISTORY HAPPENS THIS TUESDAY," with the attendant series of gasp emojis to follow.

Of course, the show's official Twitter feed didn't go so far as to claim Schmidt's name would be revealed, but rather coined it as a "mystery afoot," so we'll have to see if Cece's just pulling our leg again.

Then again, with the show's post-Season 6 future still up in the air, there's a chance this reveal might just be a wink to those long-time New Girl fans who've suffered this mystery long enough. Anyone brave enough to wager a few guesses as to what could possibly leave the man screaming, "I don't like it!" three times in agony, as heard in the preview?

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox.