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It's Official: A New Episode of Tiger King Is On the Way

And it's coming April 12

Amanda Bell

Update 4/9/20: Netflix announced Thursday that a new episode of everyone's favorite cult series is indeed on the way -- well, sort of. The streaming service will air an after-show special titled The Tiger King and I, featuring key members of the cast alongside host Joel McHale, and the special will premiere on Sunday, April 12.

McHale will interview the cast of the show about their reaction to the docuseries and take a deeper dive into the crazy world the internet has become obsessed with. The audience will now hear directly from the people involved and get their feelings on how everything shook out. Netflix did not specify which cast members would be involved.

Check out a teaser for the Tiger King special below.

The Tiger King and I will debut on Netflix on Sunday, April 12. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Original story below.

Previously 4/5/20: At this point, there are really only two types of people in America: those whose heads are still spinning from the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction-style twists in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness and those who don't know who Joe Exotic is or why this mullet-rocking man has become the meme of the moment on social media. For those in the latter category, well, you should absolutely believe the hype and get on that binge session right away, but this news is really just meant for all you cool cats and kittens who saw a tiger, saw a man, and now wanna find out what came next for all the wild characters involved in the big cat zoo circle.

According to Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Dropla, we may be getting a new episode of Tiger King soon. The couple appeared in a Cameo video which was made for the Los Angeles Dodgers' Justin Turner and his wife Kourtney Turner, who'd previously talked about the show on her podcast Holding Kourt. In the vid, Lowe joked that the two "need a life" because they've "wasted seven hours" on theirs before adding, "Netflix is adding one more episode. We'll be on next week. We're filming here tomorrow. Take care, stay safe, and put your mask on."

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Netflix did not immediately respond to TV Guide's request for comment on this story. However, the streaming service did separately hint that there may be more Tiger King storyline still to come.

On Friday, Netflix posted some new footage of an interview with Joe Exotic at FMC Fort Worth prison, where he is serving a 22 year sentence for murder-for-hire and violations of the Endangered Species Act and Lacey Act, on Sunday, March 22. In the video, he teased, "When I walk out of here, will I be as crazy as I was before? That will never change." However, he also committed to being "done with the Carole Baskin saga."

Tiger King Fans Might Get More Answers About Carole Baskin's Husband in New ID Series

Carole Baskin is also done with the Carole Baskin saga. When asked by EW, a representative for Baskin said, "We have not been approached about a new episode and would not participate if asked." Baskin recently slammed the docuseries for "salacious and sensational" particularly in its treatment of of the disappearance of her first husband Don Lewis. Whether she likes it or not, though, that very subject is going to be explored even further in a new ID series.

Tiger King Fans Might Get More Answers About Carole Baskin's Husband in New ID Series

Meanwhile, Joe Exotic's husband Dillon Passage has offered his own update to this news, telling Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM show that the new episode is "going to be like a live-based episode ... kind of like a reunion." Passage noted that he didn't know all the details and wouldn't be in the episode but had reached out to a producer after the news of the new episode dropped to see if it was happening. It's unclear whether and how quarantine restrictions will come into play with these plans.

What will we see in the new episode when it finally drops? Only time will tell.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is available on Netflix.