Note to Ally McBeal's man-hungry Elaine (Jane Krakowski): There's a new hunk in town — and he's available. Josh Hopkins joins the cast of the Fox dramedy tonight during the show's fifth season premiere playing lawyer Raymond Milbury. But Elaine better be willing to share: Hopkins tells TV Guide Online that he doesn't want to see his alter ego settling down with any one of Cage and Fish's comely counselors.

"I want to be dating all of them at the same time and not have any of them know it," winks the actor, whose credits include playing Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in the TNT film Pirates of Silicon Valley and a recurring role on the WB's Jack & Jill. "You can't really go wrong. They're all beautiful and talented, so just point me in a direction."

Hopkins will have some competition in the romance department from X-Men hottie James Marsden, who also arrives on the scene tonight as a new hotshot lawyer. (Julianne Nicholson and Regina Hall round out the slate of new Ally regulars.) All matters of love and sex aside, does the son of former U.S. Representative Larry Hopkins feel any pressure to maintain the Emmy-winning show's creative and ratings resurgence from last season?

"I absolutely don't feel any pressure," he insists. "There's pressure put on yourself each time you start a new character, [but] as far as pressure to keep a show's momentum [going], I don't feel it rests on one of us or me personally.

"I'm just really excited to start to say [Ally creator] David E. Kelley's words and to work with a great ensemble cast," he adds. "I'm really excited more so than feeling any kind of pressure."