Since villains as treacherous as Alias secret-agent woman Sydney Bristow's mother, Laura, are hard to come by in the real world, we can all rest a little easier. The ABC sleeper's producers, on the other hand, can't afford a moment's shut-eye. Since they teased the character's introduction in the season finale, they now are faced with the formidable task of filling the role — no mean feat, considering that the double-dealing spy babe, also known as Irina Derevko, is hot enough to have enticed Sydney's dad, Jack, into marriage and cold enough to have iced good guy Michael Vaughn's father. "We are on the verge of casting it," series creator J.J. Abrams tells TV Guide Online. "It's very exciting!" But, before the powers that be settle on an actress, perhaps they should break into our top-secret files and peruse the list of contenders we think might kick butt as the ex-KGB conniver.