What, you thought the SAG Awards were going on uncontested? I laugh in your general direction. Though the WGA has veritably rolled out the red carpet for SAG's Jan. 27 kudoscast, the stars' employers aren't making it entirely easy for them to have a good time. "The studios and the networks aren't supporting the SAGs," one celebrity publicist tells the New York Daily News. "Usually, they would pay for their nominated talent to go, but a lot of them aren't doing that this year."

ABC, for one, isn't footing the bill for hair, makeup and transportation for nominees such as Sally Field and Christina Applegate. And while the Peacock is opening its purse, it won't have network publicists on the red carpet navigating talent through the interview queue. Meaning, if you're an NBC star and you don't retain a personal flack, brace yourself for Ausiello the wolves.

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