The internet loves recutting movies and movie trailers to make you laugh, but Netflix recently turned the teen movie The Kissing Booth into a trailer for a horror film, and honestly, that feels unnecessary. That movie was already pretty horrifying on its own.

I know teenagers everywhere fell in love with the movie, which starred Joey King and Jacob Elordi and officially kicked off Netflix's Summer of Wildly Successful Romantic Comedies (Set It Up and To All the Boys I Loved Before were really, really great), but the movie itself was actually pretty horrifying. Those kids had sex under the Hollywood sign! Do you know what kind of trash is probably under the Hollywood sign? I don't, because I am far too lazy to ever hike to the Hollywood sign, but my point still stands. Don't have sex in the dirt, rich teens with giant homes that probably have a lot of extra bedrooms!

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The Kissing Booth was not a good movie. It featured quite literally every cliche in the book, and the result was a cringe-worthy movie I kept having to look away from to shield my eyes from the horror and subsequent second-hand embarrassment. So while I applaud Netflix for trying to give the film the horror movie treatment in honor of Halloween, the original film was scary enough. You honestly didn't need to do anything to it.

The Kissing Booth is streaming on Netflix. If you dare to watch it.

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<em>The Kissing Booth</em>The Kissing Booth