Netflix has money to spend, and they're going to spend it like a drunk lottery winner.

The streaming service's newest buy is an Austrian period crime thriller series called Freud about...(*checks notes*)...hotshot young psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud helping a cop and a medium (as in someone who talks to spirits) catch a serial killer in 19th century Vienna, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sounds kooky!

Netflix will distribute the eight-episode series internationally. It will air in Austria, its country of origin, on public broadcaster ORF. It will go into production this fall.

Freud will be Netflix's first Austrian series, but the streamer has had success with German-language series before with the time-traveling murder mystery Dark, which has been renewed for a second season.

And for the record, Sigmund Freud never solved murders. He wasn't Castle. Psychoanalysis isn't criminal profiling. Criminal profiling wasn't invented until Mindhunter. This is going to be a very weird show. Here's the not-promising key art: