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Neil Patrick Harris Actually Liked the HIMYM Finale

But he knows he's in the minority

Amanda Bell

The series finale episode for How I Met Your Mother easily ranks upon any list of most rancor-inducing endings in small-screen history, but there's at least one person who liked what he saw in the two-part conclusion: series star Neil Patrick Harris.

Speaking at Vulture Fest in New York on Sunday, he told the crowd that while he realized he "might be in the minority," he did like the HIMYM finale episode that arrived as such a divisive moment of television.

Despite its high ratings, many HIMYM fans took issue with its "twist" ending -- that is, the much-fussed Mother (Cristin Milioti) did ultimately marry Ted (Josh Radnor) but died after having his children, and the whole point of the decade-long story session about how he met her was one extended ploy to get his kids' permission to get together with Robin (Cobie Smulders). The finale was so unpopular that an alternative version of the ending was offered in the Complete Series DVD package for the show.

At VultureFest, Harris also revealed that for his role as Count Olaf in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, he has to grow his real nails out for the character.

"I've been filming season two right now, hence the ridiculous nails. I've been growing them out, so I've been wringing my hands and stuff 'cause they're just gnarly," he said. "It's hard to text."