Josh Radnor, Cristin Milioti Josh Radnor, Cristin Milioti

For those How I Met Your Mother fans still upset over how the series ended, there's some good news on the horizon: The complete series collection will include an alternate ending.

"16 days ago today we were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very different endings," executive producer Carter Bays tweeted Friday. "We only shot one script, but through edit room magic we had two possible outcomes for the series. We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too. We're going to include that version on the Complete Series DVD as an alternate finale to How I Met Your Mother."

How I Met Your Mother: Was it a legendary finale?

HIMYM fans were outraged after the series finale, which revealed that The Mother (Cristin Milioti) did get married to Ted but had eventually died. It turns out that all these years of storytelling had an end game: Ted (Josh Radnor) wanted his kids' blessing to move on and reunite with his former love Robin (Cobie Smulders). It's unclear, however, if the alternate ending on the DVD will actually satisfy fans by letting The Mother and Ted stay together, an outcome seen in the fan-made alternate ending that went viral earlier this week.

Do you think the alternate ending will keep The Mother alive? Will you buy the DVD to find out what could've happened?

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