Just getting back from CBS' press-tour bash, where Neil Patrick Harris weighed in on - what else? - Grey's-gate.

"T.R. has proven himself to be an incredibly classy, dignified guy," he told me. "I'm impressed that Katherine Heigl said what she said. I was shocked that it all reared its ugly head again."

Harris - who came out just weeks after Knight - wouldn't comment on what form Washington's "punishment" should take. "It's impossible for me to make any kind of comment about that because I wasn't there when it happened. It's just disappointing that it's... cyclical."

Meanwhile, the word from the Grey's set is that Washington's problems extend far beyond his affinity for a certain derogatory F-word. Per a source, his behavior has been so "inappropriate and offensive" for so long that producers have often been forced to intervene.

And Washington's mea culpa may be too little, too late. A separate source at Grey's suggests that while Washington is sure to receive the reprimand of his life, another option being considered by the powers-that-be would offer a more, ahem, permanent solution to the problem.