Another book is headed to the small screen. Starz has ordered an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods to series, and Hannibal's Bryan Fulleris on board to help lead it.

Fuller will serve as a writer and showrunner for the new fantasy drama alongside Michael Green (Kings), the network announced Tuesday. Gaiman will also be on the team as an executive producer.

The 2001 novel tells the story of an ex-con named Shadow who takes a job as bodyguard and traveling partner to the mysterious Mr. Wednesday as a war is brewing between old and new gods: traditional biblical and mythological gods and an upstart pantheon of gods that reflect modern love of money, technology and celebrity.

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"I am thrilled, scared, delighted, nervous and a ball of glorious anticipation," Gaiman said in a statement. "I'm relieved and confident that my baby is in good hands. Now we finally move to the exciting business that fans have been doing for the last dozen years," casting the beloved characters.

Added Fuller and Green, "Almost 15 years ago, Neil Gaiman filled a toy box with gods and magic and we are thrilled to finally crack it open and play. We're grateful to have Starz above us and FremantleMedia [producing the series] at our backs as we appeas the gods, American or otherwise."

Have you read American Gods? Who would you like to see cast in the series?

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