Question: I need some Shield poop! Do you know who the new captain will be?

Answer: Shawn Ryan was incredibly vague about that topic, saying, "It's somebody new to that role. I didn't think we could equal what we had, with three years of Benito Martinez and then a year of Glenn Close, so we're taking a very different tone with this year's captain. It's more about absentee leadership than any kind of new leadership." And here's some other breaking Shield poop: Catherine Dent's real-life pregnancy will be written into the show, setting up a "Who's your daddy?" mystery within Farmington; Guiding Light alum Paula Garces joins the force as Julien's new partner; and Ryan says there's a "decent-to-good chance" that Anthony Anderson will be back. Sadly, the same can't be said for Ms. Close. "Glenn's daughter is a senior in high school and she wanted to go back [east] and spend the last year with her, and I imagine she's going to live up to that family commitment," he says. "So, I probably won't ask her to come back just because I want to respect that family decision she made."