[Caution: spoilers about upcoming episodes of NCIS: New Orleans ahead!]

It's official: NCIS: New Orleans' Sonja Percy (Shalita Grant) is taking an unscheduled vacation in a concrete cell.

She's not taking it that seriously though, as this clip shows. The special agent, being held in contempt of court after she let a fugitive loose, is practically enjoying the fact that her meal options are jelly beans, peanut butter crackers and vanilla cookies. Of course, her boss Pride (Scott Bakula) doesn't find this funny at all — not only because Percy disobeyed him but also because she's become a pawn in his war with shady Mayor Hamilton (Steven Weber).

NCIS New Orleans: Shalita Grant explains the decision that landed Percy in jail

She's going to be taking this seriously soon though: this situation is about to go from bad to worse.

"At first," Shalita Grant told TVGuide.com, "she's like 'Hey I'm in isolation, whats the big deal?'" But it won't be long before she gets moved from isolation to general population... With people she put away. "Her life is threatened. She makes another risky decision to protect herself and her safety." Percy becomes aware of how far Hamilton will go to break up her team and, "at the end of the episode it's really sad for Percy. It's hard and sad and lonely."

How will all this impact her budding relationship with her work bae LaSalle (Lucas Black)? "He's disappointed," she says. "It's not something he understands — the details of why she would do something like that. More than anything, he's focused on getting her out, getting the team back together and getting Hamilton. It is scary for him and he sets a fire to get her out of this dangerous situation."

Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy<em>, NCIS: New Orleans</em>Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy, NCIS: New Orleans

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