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NCIS: New Orleans Will Finally Answer That LaSalle Baby Daddy Question

"We're going to learn all the answers," executive producer Brad Kern told TVGuide.com

Malcolm Venable

(Caution! Potential spoiler about NCIS: New Orleans ahead!)

NCIS: New OrleansAgent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) got a huge surprise this season (or more accurately, a little one) when former flame Melody (Brianna Brown) arrived in town to let him know he'd fathered a child.

In subsequent weeks, we've seen LaSalle come to terms with being a new papa: processing the shock, himself; revealing the news to Agents Gregario (Vanessa Ferlito), Pride (Scott Bakula) and Percy (Shalita Grant); and now, stepping up to do full-on daddy duty.

There's just one minor hitch though: we've never seen 100 percent proof that he is indeed little Tucker's dad. Skeptics may have wondered how a man who makes a living investigating people -- and who has a solid understanding of DNA as part of his job -- would've so readily accepted paternity without any evidence except, as he put it, admitting that "he looks like me."

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Bless him for stepping up, but LaSalle looks as comfortable with this baby mama and new kid as a giraffe on roller skates. So what's the deal? Is LaSalle (in your best Maury voice) the father? NCIS: New Orleans executive producer Brad Kern told TVGuide.com that we'll find out in Tuesday's episode, "Overdrive."

"LaSalle is growing," he says. "He's not the one night stand Svengali hotshot he was." The love child, he says, was a way of having his past come back to haunt him, in order to show how he deals with the situation as a new, more mature LaSalle. "Under Pride's tutelage, we wanted to do an arc so you could see how he's growing and becoming more responsible."

Kern concedes that not having LaSalle demand tests wasn't perfect, but he was trying to avoid making him look like a jerk or damaging his character. At any rate, he says that "whether that turns out" to be LaSalle's child or not, lessons will be learned, and those lessons will propel more arcs down the road.

What do you think? Is Tucker really LaSalle's baby?

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NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.