Dean Stockwell Dean Stockwell

As previously announced, NCIS: New Orleans is staging a Quantum Leap reunion for its Thanksgiving episode — and has your first look at Dean Stockwell's guest appearance.

Stockwell will reunite with his Quantum Leap co-star Scott Bakula to play Tom Hamilton, the father of Councilman Douglas Hamilton (Steven Weber), on the installment airing Tuesday, Nov. 25.

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The episode, "Chasing Ghosts," finds the NCIS crew preparing for their annual Thanksgiving dinner while trying to solve a cold case that Dr. Wade (CCH Pounder) has been personally tracking for years. They reopen the case when a Navy-issued stolen gun is linked back to a chief petty officer who died 40 years ago.

Check out photos of Stockwell as Tom Hamilton below:

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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