NCIS: New Orleans' return is imminent!

The fourth season of NCIS: New Orleans premieres Tuesday, September 26 at 10/9c on CBS, following the season premieres of NCIS and Bull. The premiere will air live on CBS, and you can also find it on CBS All Access the morning after. If you want to go back and re-watch previous seasons, episodes can be found on Amazon Video and iTunes, as well as CBS All Access.

NCIS: New Orleans Mega Buzz: Sebastian's New Promotion Comes with a Deadly Price

This year's format will be a bit different than previous seasons, without an overarching crime story hanging over the season. Instead, Season 4 will delve into the team's psyches and backstories. These inter-team dynamics will be especially important, given the lengths Agent Pride (Scott Bakula) went to last year to lock up Mayor Hamilton (Steven Weber) and how complicit certain members of the team were in his plans.

And yes, in case you were wondering, LaSalle (Lucas Black) and Percy (Shalita Grant) will revisit their conflicted feelings for each other and how to reconcile them. Here's hoping they manage to make the leap from friends to something more this year.

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Scott Bakula,<em> NCIS: New Orleans</em>Scott Bakula, NCIS: New Orleans