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Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovic) finally graduated from lab tech to man in the field, but his new promotion will have dire consequences when NCIS: New Orleans returns for Season 4. Everyone's favorite bearded nerd will clock in his first kill — gasp! — but the fallout will force him to rethink his place on the team.

"He's never killed a person before. It's sobering and it makes him question whether he's cut out for NCIS or not," executive producer Brad Kern tells TV Guide.

If coping with taking a life wasn't already a heavy burden to carry, he'll also have to deal with wondering if his actions will be seen as justifiable or not.

This will be a major challenge for Sebastian, who has been one of the few team members who has gone through the series relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, it looks like his luck has run out and our beloved forensics agent will face his toughest problem yet.

At least he'll no longer have to worry about Douglas Hamilton (Steven Weber) who was finally defeated once and for all. Silver linings, right?

NCIS New Orleans' EP on What to Expect From the Finale... and Season 4

Season 4 of NCIS: New Orleans premieres Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c on CBS.

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Rob Kerkovich, NCIS: New OrleansRob Kerkovich, NCIS: New Orleans