Tony DiNozzo is a dad.

Those are words no NCIS fan probably ever expected to hear, but that's exactly what was revealed on Tuesday's Season 13 finale, which also marked actor Michael Weatherly's final episode. After Ziva was killed in an attack on her farmhouse, Tony learned that she was the mother of his child and decided to quit the agency to become a full-time dad.

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Weatherly recorded a special video message for viewers, in which he reflected on his time on the long-running series, and the encounters he's had with fans over the years.

"I want to say that wherever I go, whatever men's room, restaurant, or airport I find myself in, you're there too," he deadpans. "You're with me. Sometimes it's appropriate, sometimes it's not appropriate at all. But I always love it, because I am the No. 1 fan of NCIS."

Check out the video above to see the rest of Weatherly's message. Will you miss him on NCIS?

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