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NCIS: LA: Sam's Loss Prompts Kensi to Make a Life-Changing Decision

Plus: Was Sam's revenge mission successful?

Liz Raftery

Sunday's Season 8 finale of NCIS: LA found Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) on a singular mission: to avenge the death of his wife, Michelle, in the previous week's episode. That sends Sam on a revenge quest to track down terrorist Tahir Khaled (Anslem Richardson), who was responsible for Michelle's death -- a quest Sam insists on completing himself, much to the dismay of his NCIS colleagues.

To twist the knife into Sam's already broken heart, Tahir sends a henchwoman to hijack the coroner van that was transporting Michelle's body, and threatens to return her to Sam "in pieces" unless Sam agrees to meet him face-to-face.

Their final confrontation comes on a tour bus, where Tahir has taken a bunch of unwitting passengers hostage. When Sam climbs aboard, Tahir promptly handcuffs them together. But luckily, by this point, Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and the rest of the crew have convinced Sam that he needs their, so Callen storms the bus and manages to get all the passengers to safety. Unfortunately, it's right about at that moment that Sam realizes Tahir is wearing a suicide vest. Saying he should have killed Tahir when he first had the chance, Sam wrenches the pin out of Tahir's vest, and he and Callen manage to escape the bus just as it explodes -- (presumably) killing Tahir in the process.

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Ron P. Jaffe, CBS

As a cleanup crew sifts through the wreckage, Callen prepares to escort Sam to the morgue, where he'll say a final goodbye to Michelle. And Kensi (Daniela Ruah), still shaken from the events of the day, says she can't imagine ever suffering a loss like the one Sam's just been through. Gazing at Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), she makes a decision then and there to seize the moment.

"Borrowing" a grenade from one of the authorities on site, Kensi safely detonates it but keeps the pin. She struts over to Deeks, gets down on one knee and asks him to marry her, sliding the ring onto his finger. At first, Deeks balks, saying it's the guy's job to propose. But once Kensi notes that A) this is 2017, and B) that the events of the past 24 hours have reinforced just how short life is, he agrees.

Will we finally get a Densi wedding in Season 9? Only time will tell!

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