There's only a few more episodes before Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) leaves the NCIS building for good, so the big question on fans' minds is: Will Ziva (Cote de Pablo) return for his big send-off?

"Everything that people want and think should be a part of these episodes, on-screen and off-, whether it's just story or background leading up to stuff ... everything will be touched upon, and the whole writing staff is really putting some time and effort into it," executive producer Gary Glasberg tells "People can absolutely plan on lots of surprises and lots of emotion, and lots of twists and turns, ultimately leading us toward Tony's departure."

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But seriously... is Ziva coming back?

"I promise you that everything you're fishing for will be delivered in some form," Glasberg teases.

Sounds like we'll be getting, at a minimum, a flashback to some classic Tiva scenes on the May 17 season finale. But whether Ziva will play an active role in Tony's departure from the NCIS remains to be seen.

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