Peter Coyote Peter Coyote

Peter Coyote, whose most recent TV gigs have included Brothers & Sisters (as Nora's pre-Treat Williams love interest), The 4400 and Commander in Chief, next will guest-star on Tuesday night's most-watched program, NCIS, has learned exclusively.

In the CBS procedural's first-ever Christmas episode, Coyote will play a Vietnam War veteran believed to have been dead for the past 12 years. Gibbs & Co., however, discover that the vet is still alive when his fingerprints turn up during a murder investigation.

I leave you with an utterly random "trivia" bit I stumbled upon at IMDb just now: Coyote once tested for the role of Indiana Jones. Only now, having just trudged my way through No. 4 on DVD, can I say, "Bullet dodged, Peter."

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