Question: You would have to take the week off when NCIS drops three big bombs on all of us. What gives?

Answer: What gives is I'm about to more than make it up to you with the following exclusive mini-Q&A with exec producer Shane Brennan featuring your burning questions about the season finale! Woo-hoo

• Are they really writing out McGee, DiNozzo and Ziva à la House, or will they all be back next season?! Patrick

Brennan: No fan of NCIS will be disappointed when the show returns in September. I promise, we're not doing a House! But strap into your seats, it's going to be a heart stopping ride....

• Please, please, please tell me that theyre not really breaking up the team on NCIS! Lu Ann

Brennan: Deep breaths. Everything is going to be fine. This is Gibbs' team, right?   

• Will the show be introducing any new team members next season? Chris

Brennan: Yes. And no.