Christina Applegate and Will Arnett Christina Applegate and Will Arnett

Jeers to NBC for stranding Up All Night on the wrong night.

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The series starring the always-appealing Christina Applegate and a nicely toned-down Will Arnett as the harried parents of a newborn is easily this season's most promising new sitcom (sorry, New Girl, but I don't find you quite as "adorkable" as everybody else seems to). So why is the network exiling the show to a deadly Wednesday time slot when it should be part of the marquee Thursday-night lineup, where Arnett's real-life wife, Amy Poehler, happily resides with Parks & Recreation?

The good news is, NBC also stupidly started 30 Rock on Wednesdays at 8/7c before coming to their senses and moving it to their traditional "Must See TV" night. And once the sophisticated viewers who enjoy Community & Co. get a peek at the crass, laugh-tracked Whitney, there may be a hole in the Peacock network's Thursday slate that Up All Night can perfectly fill. 

Does Up All Night belong on Thursday?

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