Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin, <em>All of Me </em> Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin, All of Me

NBC is remaking the Steve Martin-Lily Tomlin body-swap filmAll of Me into a series, because at this point, why not?

According to Deadline, the 1984 Carl Reiner movie is currently being developed into a half-hour comedy from My Boys creator Betsy Thomas. In the loosely adapted series, the protagonist would jump into a different person's body each week to help them solve their problems.

All of Me starred Martin as Roger, an attorney hired by the eccentric millionaire Edwina (Tomlin) to rework her will so that Terry, a beautiful young woman, would be named her soul beneficiary. Edwina does this because she has arranged for a mystic to transfer her soul into Terry's body. But something goes wrong with the transfer and Roger winds up having to share his body with Edwina's soul. Eventually, the pair fall in love and live happily ever after with Edwina in Terry's body. (Terry becomes a horse.)

Would you want to see an All of Me series?