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Soap star Nathaniel Marston is still facing a steep uphill battle towards recovery after a car accident on Oct. 30 left him critically injured and on life support.

Marston underwent surgery on Nov. 4 to try and repair some of the damage to his back and neck, but according to an update Marston's mother, Elizabeth Jackson sent to ET, that surgery did not succeed as hoped. "In the early morning hours of November 5 his heart stopped on two separate occasions requiring doctors to use an external pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat," Jackson said.

The actor is still in critical condition, "fighting pneumonia, a heart infection and irregular pulse. The relatively positive prognosis which followed his previous surgery has dimmed," his mother said. She remains optimistic about his chances of pulling through, though she added that he suffered "extremely severe" damage to his vertebrae and "it is now believed that the hope of recovering upper body function was premature and that Marston will most likely live out his life as a quadriplegic."

One Life to Live's Nathaniel Marston critically injured after car accident

He is expected to go in for another surgery on Wednesday to reduce the pressure on his brain.

Marston's family launched a GoFundMe to help "pay monthly bills as well as any unexpected expenses" while he is still in the hospital. To date, the site has raised nearly $8,000.

Marston is best known for his role as Michael McBain on One Life to Live and has also appeared on As the World Turns, Castle, White Collar and Blue Bloods.

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