Dead Lucy doesn't forget — and she probably doesn't forgive, either. In this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's new episode of Nancy Drew, titled "The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge," Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith) gets an unexpected visit from Horseshoe Bay's notorious specter while waiting for Nancy (Kennedy McMann) to arrive. Dead Lucy, who's soaking wet and slimy from her final, fatal trip to the seaside cliff, grabs Ryan's arm and makes his wedding ring burn his finger. Ouch.

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Nancy, who walks in just in time to catch the tail end of this encounter, explains to Ryan, "That was Lucy Sable. You might not remember her, but she definitely remembers you." We still don't know everything that happened between Lucy and Ryan all those years ago, but after seeing that video of Lucy and high school-aged Ryan in the time capsule, there's obviously a history between them ... and judging by Lucy's little visit here, it probably isn't pretty.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Riley Smith and Kennedy McMann, <em>Nancy Drew</em>Riley Smith and Kennedy McMann, Nancy Drew