The world is one big dumpster fire lately. Every time you think things are bad, they somehow get worse. That's why it's so important to appreciate goodness whenever you do stumble across it and really savor those moments. That's also why the second season of Nailed It couldn't have come at a better time.

The Netflix series features amateur bakers attempting to recreate Pinterest-worthy treats in a competition hosted by comedian and general gem Nicole Byer. The stakes a low, the antics are high and it's basically like one big cozy/hysterical blanket to wrap yourself in when you need to take a break from the bleakness of reality. It's perfect comfort food TV, and we could all use a bit of that right now. So let's take a minute and relive all the best Nailed It moments from Season 2 because the internet needs more content that doesn't make you want to spontaneously combust.

1. Literally everything about this fail is perfect.

2. No words.

3. When the Queer Eye guys showed up and Karamo just straight-up couldn't handle it.

4. Jonathan from Queer Eye insisting he was finished early was the most Jonathan thing ever.

5. He really doesn't hear it, does he?

6. What we all wish our title was.

7. But really though, WTF.

8. It's good to have a dream.

9. Shoutout to Wes.

10. Paging Shark Tank.

11. Don't worry. We all see it.

12. Accurate.

13. This contestant tried to make blue. Really think about that for a second.

14. Okay, we know this is from Season 1 but we still aren't over it and we probably never will be.

Nailed It's first two seasons are streaming now on Netflix. Do yourself a favor and check them out.