Where's Robert Stack when you need him? Sure, the 2002 Emmys are history, but the unsolved mysteries linger on. For example, who the heck was Tom Hanks winking at while presenting Oprah Winfrey with her humanitarian award? (Let's hope it was wife Rita Wilson.) And what was Katie Couric whispering to Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels backstage in the press room. (We couldn't get close enough to hear, but it appeared juicy!) Luckily, we had better luck getting to the bottom of these brain teasers.

Does Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz really have four cars?
Well, he had four. While introducing the guest comedy actor winners alongside Robert Wuhl, Muniz said he's the proud owner of a quartet of automobiles. But according to a source close to the soon-to-be 17-year-old actor, his collection is down to three now. (The Jetta is allegedly history.) How do his parents expect him to get by??

Did the West Wing's big Emmy victory do anything to get Rob Lowe to change his mind about leaving?
"The decision is not up to me," Lowe tells TV Guide Online. "It's up to Warner Bros. You'll have to ask them. It's all up to them." Martin Sheen doesn't seem content to leave it in the suits' hands. "I've been trying to [convince him to stay]," he says, "but I haven't had much success."

The announcer said Tony To would accept the Band Of Brothers directing award, but Tom Hanks spoke instead. Last-minute change on the Road To Podium?
Yep. According to witnesses in the audience, To pointed to Hanks just seconds before he approached the dais. "I think it was just a spur-of-the-moment switch," says an HBO rep. "It was nothing malicious. There's no scandal here." Drat!

What's going on between Sex and the City exec producer Michael Patrick King and Jon Stewart?
When King accepted the best direction in a comedy Emmy from the Daily Show host, the two greeted each other like old friends. Well, that's because they are! "Jon and I used to do stand-up together," King confirms. "So it was great to get this from him."

Who was Matthew Perry's date?
No, Perry wasn't auditioning for The Graduate. He attended the ceremony on the arm of his mom, Suzanne Morrison. Here's an added nugget for trivia buffs: Morrison is the former press secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada.

Was Inger watching?
Friends victor Jennifer Aniston took a moment to thank the show's longtime craft services head during her acceptance speech. So, was the snack dispenser tuned in at the time? "Yes, Inger was watching," confirms Friends producer Wendy Knoller. Adds a fellow staffer: "She was excited and appreciative." Someone's going to be getting some extra sushi rolls on her lunch plate!

Did Friends have the day off Monday?
Viewers of the Today show awoke Monday morning to find Katie Couric and Matt Lauer sitting on the set of Central Perk. So, where exactly were America's favorite sextet? "They don't work on Mondays," says a spy. "They work Tuesday to Thursday." What do you expect for $6 million a week?