If anybody has a cooler job than Luke Eddins, we don't know who it is. (And that includes Party Boy!) Night and day, the music lover listens to demos submitted via his website, lukehits.com, then picks the most ear-catching tracks for the mix CDs he circulates among commercial, TV and movie producers. When all is said and done, industry bigwigs have gotten a great song for a great price, and the middleman has helped a wannabe become what they wanna be. What did we tell you? Cool!

"I had this crazy-ass idea," the 27-year-old Virginia native tells TV Guide Online, "to become a sort of human Google guy, sifting through all the clutter — only in my case, my search results would yield hit songs. I felt that no one had the guts to listen to the thousands of often frightening demos out there to find that one diamond in the rough.

"I'm in the needle-in-a-haystack business," he sums up, "and I'm the first to admit it."

Since lukehits.com's launch, Eddins's solid-gold needles have been heard in Smallville, The Ring, Miller beer ads — everywhere! And, though he insists he's not rolling in dough — "The only thing I'm rolling in," he cracks, "is Kraft mac and cheese and Red Bull!" — he can't give it up. How could he when, from the start, "this-is-how-things-have-always-been-done Hollywood types have appreciated my un-hipster approach, combined with my will-pull-all-nighters personal touch."

Next on Eddins's agenda is, he hopes, a break for his fave: Regina Spektor. "She'll be a household name in a couple of years," he predicts. Chances are, so will the mogul-in-the-making, whose idol is the powermonger who broke Whitney and Springsteen. "I see myself becoming the Clive Davis of unsigned bands," he says, then adds, "Okay, kidding... slightly. I'd be thrilled simply to be known as the 'behind-the-curtain matchmaker' for underdog artists. No premiere parties, limos or paparazzi for me, thanks." Cool.