Not since Charlie's Angels cast David Doyle as a bosom buddy of Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn has an actor been placed in as heavenly a situation as Oded Fehr, the ladies' man among the female docs on the new CBS drama Presidio Med.

"I'm outnumbered in a very good way," he tells TV Guide Online, referring to the show's 5-to-1 gals-to-guys ratio. "Working with all these women is just lovely. The set is so relaxed. There's a really great atmosphere."

It's certainly a drastic change from Fehr's last TV gig: NBC's short-lived, male-driven cop thriller UC: Undercover. "There's a lot less testosterone flying around," admits The Mummy star. "Also, [Presidio] gives me the opportunity to play somebody who saves people — who's a lover, not a fighter. It's something very different than what I've done before."

Producers recently added newcomer Paul Blackthorne to the estrogen-based ensemble, which features such heavyweights as Blythe Danner, Dana Delany and Anna Deavere Smith. Still, Presidio remains a woman's world — and Fehr wouldn't have it any other way.

"I think it's almost like being in a family with only one male in it," he explains. "Or being a boy that grew up with three sisters. They all take care of me." Laughing, he adds: "My only fear is that I'm losing my butchness — my toughness."
Presidio Med premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 10 pm/ET. It moves to its regular Wednesday 10 pm/ET timeslot on Sept. 25.