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5 Reality Shows MTV Must Revive Next

From Laguna Beach to The Blame Game

Kaitlin Thomas

With Teen Wolf entering its final season and the Peak TV bubble leaking (if not completely bursting), MTV is stepping away from producing original content. Instead, the network will make a major push back into the world of reality television, where it made its bread and butter in the network's heyday.

MTV has already or will soon be bringing back variations of the reality series Fear Factor, Total Request Live, and the extravagant and wildly obnoxious teen-centered series My Super Sweet 16. The infamous Beach House is making a come back this summer. And on Thursday, MTV also announced its intent to revive Cribs, which takes viewers inside the homes of celebrities, and the female-oriented Girl Code via the social media network Snapchat.

As long as MTV is in the business of reviving its former programs, we at TVGuide.com thought we'd offer a few suggestions. Here are five shows the network must bring back next.

Fear Factor's Ludacris on the challenge he's too scared to do

5. Two-A-Days

Over two seasons from 2006 to 2007, Two-A-Days chronicled the daily lives of a high school football team in Alabama. A potential third season was aborted after a controversy regarding the school violating eligibility rules -- and the reveal the team's coach was involved in an extramarital affair and living a double life certainly didn't help matters. However, none of that changes the fact that we're still heavily invested in watching the totally mundane lives of a high school football team every week. Maybe we're still mourning the excellent scripted series Friday Night Lights, maybe we just really love teen drama, but either way, we'd totally watch another season of Two-A-Days.

4. Room Raiders

Room Raiders asked men and women to choose someone to date based on the contents of their bedrooms. As their rooms are raided, the potentials watch from a van before eventually raiding the raider's room together. No one actually cared which contestant was chosen at the end: watching Room Raiders was all about seeing the weird things people keep behind locked doors. And we are still here for it.

MTV Beach House is returning this summer

3. Laguna Beach

The high school-set series Laguna Beach debuted in the fall of 2004 as reality TV's answer to the fictional teen drama The O.C., which debuted on Fox a year earlier. Now, we're not saying we need MTV to return to high school for more totally-staged shenanigans, but a number of the show's original cast members went on to become household names over the years, and if MTV wanted to check in with said cast members as they explore their 30s, we would not be mad.

2. Next

It's possible that Next, which aired on MTV from 2005 to 2008, is both the greatest and worst dating game series to ever be televised. Dating is hard enough without the possibility of someone shouting "Next!" in your face when they're tired of you because they know there are another X number of people ready to take your spot. And yet, the set up, featuring five suitors trying to either win money or earn a second date with someone, is still engrossing, if also the source of much second-hand embarrassment.

1. The Blame Game

Combining outrageous courtroom drama with a healthy dose of comedy and yes, even karaoke, The Blame Game was one hell of an entertaining addition to the MTV lineup when it debuted in 1999. The series, which ran for two seasons, featured exes who battled it out in a fake courtroom to determine who was the blame for their breakup. Can you imagine the drama that would ensue in the age of social media? Please, for the love of everything holy, bring this back, MTV!