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Fear Factor's Host Ludacris on the Challenge He's Too Scared to Do

The rapper breaks down MTV's reboot of the show

Lindsay MacDonald

The Millennial Generation that grew up watching Fear Factor is finally getting an opportunity to take on the show's terrifying challenges themselves with MTV's new reboot of the popular series (Tuesday, May 30 at 10/9c on MTV). This time though, Ludacris will be pulling the strings behind each episode as Fear Factor's new host.

TVGuide.com spoke with Ludacris about why he joined the show, and how this reboot will cater specifically to the new generation of contestants.

How did you get involved with Fear Factor and what made you want to host?

Well, I'm an adrenaline junkie myself ... The only thing better than doing some of these stunts myself is to watch it with a first class seat. Then there's an even greater reason, that I'm able to encourage and motivate people to try to overcome their fears. Especially in the moment when they're facing some of their worst fears.

Have you been able to do any of the challenges yourself?

As of now, I'm just sitting back and watching. I'm sitting back and hosting because my job is kind of demanding already. I wish I could play all the roles at the same time, but unfortunately I can't do that yet.

How has MTV changed Fear Factor to suit the new generation?

They're doing more homework on the contestants and trying to figure out what their worst fears are. Then they're catering the challenges to their worst fears. Times have changed and technology has changed, where one of the biggest fears for millennials is losing their damn phone, so it's like some of the stuff we implement in the challenges. I can't say specifically, but the way teams are chosen is a little different -- it may be mother and daughter together, it may be father and son, it may be best friends. You just never know exactly how things are going to go. Then there's the Ludacris element, where I feel like I get even more personable with the audience.

​Ludacris, Fear Factor

Ludacris, Fear Factor

Scott Everett White

Does the 'Ludacris Element' mean you've brought your own spin to the show as its new host?

I'm just bringing my personality. I think once people see it, they'll realize that everyone brings something unique to it. In terms of me just being a host, obviously I love to laugh, so I'm not trying to laugh at some of these people, but sometimes it happens. I'm encouraging them but also adding funny elements too.

The first episode focuses on siblings, so do you think that made it easier or harder on contestants, having their brother or sister as a partner?

It's like a gift and a curse because it's your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. You know how brothers and sisters fight. The first episode is going to be interesting to watch just because the element of siblings and the camaraderie -- you know a lot of times, siblings have disagreements and on a show like this, it's the time you want to be the most cohesive as possible. You don't want to have to disagree.

Are their any challenges you would never do?

Anything that has to do with taste aversion is something I really don't like. Basically having to drink and eat nasty food is something that is going to be the most difficult if I was doing it. Just the smell alone gets me.

Have you had a favorite challenge so far that really got your blood pumping?

My favorite challenge so far is probably one where these contestants are 100 feet up in the air, but there's like a teeter totter and they have to balance their weight in order to not fall and grab these flags up underneath this platform. It was just kind of crazy.

Has there even been a moment where you're wondering if these challenges are really safe?

Yeah, safety comes first especially with the reboot. To my understanding, there might have been some issues before for why they had to stop doing the original. But safety is key and number one.

Fear Factor airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV