On the occasion of its 200th episode (airing Saturday at 11 pm/ET), Fox's Mad TV is doing something really crazy: It's bringing back a passel of its most popular former players, among them our personal favorite, Alex Borstein. "[Seeing the old gang again] was like Friday the 13th, only scarier," she tells TV Guide Online with a laugh. "It was kind of like we'd been gone forever, yet we felt as if we'd never left."

Best of all, for the reunion, the funny lady has resurrected Mrs. Swan, the loopy manicurist character she based on her (apparently certifiable) grandmother. "We went to the post office recently to get her passport renewed," she relates, "and she gave me her ID to show the lady there, and that's when we found out it had expired... which she actually already knew, but was trying to pull a fast one on them!

"So we had to take a trip to the DMV to get her a new ID," she continues, "and that's what this Mrs. Swan sketch is about. It was good timing!"

Since leaving the thinking viewer's Saturday Night Live in 2001, Borstein has cracked wise in prime time (Friends, Frasier, etc.) and features (The Lizzie McGuire Movie). But the best is yet to come: In addition to a walk-on in the star-studded ensemble pic Seeing Other People, she's purloined a plum supporting role in Catwoman. "I don't know Halle Berry's [feline alter ego]," she explains. "When she is mild-mannered Clark Kent, I'm her best friend.

"It's not huge," she adds modestly. "I'm not her love interest or anything — there's no lesbo action going on." Of course there isn't; that would be just... well, mad!