Regarding his starring role on the new ABC drama Thieves (premiering Friday at 9 pm/ET), John Stamos — an alumnus of the kidcom Full House — declares that he finally has grown up, with a character he calls "the closest thing to me that I have ever done." And the actor's wife, supermodel-actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, would be the first to agree.

"When Rebecca saw me [on Thieves], she said, 'That's the guy that I fell in love with!'" he recalls. "So I was like, 'Well, okay, at least she likes it.'"

But is the model — and onetime Just Shoot Me recurring star — setting her sights on a Thieves part of her own? "We kind of made a pact early on to not get into each other's projects, to support each other from a distance," Stamos responds. "Besides, she's too much money — I think!"

Instead, Stamos is committed to making the most of his top-billing opportunity — even if it means putting the hurt on Full House co-star Bob Saget, whose own new series, Raising Dad, will air opposite Thieves. "I'm a huge fan of Bob's, and his true talent hasn't been seen yet. I hope his new show reveals how great he is," says Stamos. "But I hope he fails like hell. I'm kidding, Bob!"