"You are so engaged." That's all that Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino could think to say upon hearing what happened behind the scenes between series lead Lauren Graham and David Letterman at the actress's first Late Show taping in December. We tend to believe Sherman-Palladino, too. Okay, not really, but go along with the joke, anyway, because here is our list of the top five reasons that we think Sherman-Palladino could have been onto something:

1. Graham loves Letterman. "I am a huge David Letterman fan," she admits. In fact, "I was just happy to get to meet him." Ah, but she wanted much more than a mere handshake...

2. Graham wants Letterman. "I had two goals for that evening," she confesses. "Because of my own rules, I wasn't allowed to say them to anyone... [but] I wanted him to kiss my hand, because he does that sometimes [with extra-special guests]." And her second wish?

3. Graham wants Letterman to want her. "I wanted him to tell me that I smelled good," she continues, "which he's only done, like, for [Jennifer] Lopez and the high-level people."

4. Graham achieved one of her two goals. "I don't think it was on the air, but after [the interview], he did kiss my hand," she says, beaming. "Isn't that great?" Fantastic. But wait, there's more.

5. Graham left with more than fond memories of Letterman. "He let me keep the mug — that, apparently, is a little bit of a [status] 'thing,'" she boasts. "His producer said, 'Just take a sip of the water at the end [of the interview] and walk away with the mug.' But [Letterman himself] actually said, 'Take that with you.' Isn't that great?"

It sure is. Now we know that if the odd couple ever does wind up planning a wedding, they'll be registered at Starbucks.