Mr. Robot returns for its third season on Oct. 11, and so far its promotional material has been cryptic, as is the USA psychodrama's bailiwick. For example, a teaser released earlier this month required coding and puzzle-solving skills to find.

But that's changed with the full Season 3 trailer, which dropped Wednesday with no frills and no work required to watch. Because here's the thing: when a show has as much mystery built into it as Mr. Robot, it doesn't need all the extra stuff. Mr. Robot obsessives will be combing the trailer for clues about what's coming up, and nailing it. Remember how quickly Reddit detectives figured out Elliot (Rami Malek) was in jail last season?

Season 3 will pick up with Elliott recovering from his gunshot with the mysterious Phase 2 hack still in effect. He'll be trying to stop his alter ego Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) from killing more people to carry out his goal of bringing down Evil Corp. Expect more paranoia and reality-bending. And Bobby Cannavale in a crazy mustache.

Mr. Robot: What We Need to See in Season 3

Mr. Robot Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 10/9c on USA.