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Mr. Robot: What We Need to See in Season 3

Less mystery, more plot

Sadie Gennis

The Mr. Robot finale was frustrating, to say the least.

The second season's final hour failed to give viewers closure on any of the various storylines Mr. Robot is currently dragging on. And though it did answer several questions that we had - Tyrell is real (Martin Wallstrom)! Trenton and Mobley live! - these reveals weren't nearly worth the wait.

So what does Sam Esmail need to do to get Mr. Robot back on track? Lay off the mystery, for one.

While Mr. Robot's slow, cryptic storytelling is part what made the first season so addicting, in its sophomore go-round Esmail doled out so little information that viewers were perpetually off-balance, unable to fully decipher what they were watching. And because of that, viewers lost the ability to be surprised at each new turn in the story or appreciate the careful plotting that had gotten them to that point.

Mr. Robot: Were you satisfied with the finale?

And when Mr. Robot did try to pay-off one of its bigger lingering mysteries, the reveals fell flat because, as we previously explained, Mr. Robot never explained the "how" or "why" behind these supposed answers. Instead, they just built new mysteries on top of the old ones. Sure, the show finally confirmed that Tyrell is real, but what has he been doing since 5/9? What is his relationship to Angela (Portia Doubleday)? And why should we still care?

We break down Mr. Robot's Season 2 finale, and what we need from Season 3, in the video above.