In two years of the WB's helter-skelter dramedy Popular, Harrison John — the earnest Everydweeb played by Christopher Gorham — has come closer to the grave than the boudoir. But his luck may be about to change: Next month, the odd man out will find himself torn between two loves — if not two lovers — tomboy Sam (Carly Pope) and dreamgirl Brooke (Leslie Bibb).

"At the end of the season," the actor tells TV Guide Online with a chuckle, "things get very complicated for little ol' Harrison."

As a matter of fact, constructing the torrid triangle made things a mite complicated for Gorham as well. His missus, Anel Lopez, is a fellow thespian — not to mention a Popular grad (throughout the first season, she recurred as Glamazon Popita Fresh) — yet, he points out, "It's still an unenviable position to be in for one who is married and about to have a kid."

Fortunately, the stork's imminent visit has given the former UCLA sweethearts (hitched since January 22, 2000) plenty to distract them. "Anel is due on the 29th," reveals the 26-year-old dad-to-be, "so it's totally nerve-wracking."

Beyond delivery-room queasiness, Gorham probably has nothing to worry about. After all, he already knows what he'll someday tell his son about girls — it's the same tip that he'd give his Popular counterpart. "My advice to Harrison," he says, "would be to trust his heart."