Well, this film seems to be coming together quickly and promisingly. The big-screen take on Broadway's Mamma Mia! that I told you about just yesterday? Variety reports that Meryl Streep is already set to star as the mother of an altar-bound young girl determined to meet her biological dad. Yes, Streep sings, though Mamma Mia! will be her first full-blown musical.... Acclaimed crime novelist Michael Connelly ( Love. Him.) and his longtime collaborator Terrill Lee Lankford (I'm sure he's nice, too) are penning the screenplay for a feature remake of the '80s series The Equalizer.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Michelle Williams are in talks to star in Synecdoche, New York, the directing debut of Oscar-winning scribe Charlie Kaufman. Hoffman will play a theater director, and Keener and Williams his first and second wives.