Netflix may be stingy with its viewership data, but if you've ever wondered if other people are watching your favorite show as much as you are, you're in luck! did a full evaluation of people's interests by using Google Trends to find and rank the most searched for shows on Netflix in every state.

So were your fellow Texans, Californians or Floridians bingeing the same show you were? The answer might not be as straightforward as you think. Certain shows overpowered certain areas, and it's easy it see why; Texas was seriously obsessed with Jane the Virgin, which makes sense given its large Hispanic population, and New Mexico residents were happy to keep things local with Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, two shows set in their state. Other areas, like Washington, D.C., had more diversified interests — seriously, a 16-way tie? Get it together!

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Another interesting trend was how certain shows ranked as the most popular show in multiple states. The high school drama 13 Reasons Why dominated the map, ranking the most popular series in seven states, while The End of the F***ing World came in second, snagging six states. The other most popular shows were Daredevil (RIP), Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things. And then there was Montana, out there all alone obsessing over Dark.

Netflix Most Popular Shows 2018Netflix Most Popular Shows 2018

Check out the map above and read the full report here to find out which Netflix show — that is, which show actually streaming on Netflix — was a favorite in your state!

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