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Holiday Gift Guide for Fans of Game of Thrones, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, Legacies and more

All types of TV-inspired gifts for the fan in your life

1 of 54 Nicole Coppola

TV Guide's TV-Obsessed Holiday Gift Guide

Stumped on what to do for gifts this holiday season? Join the club.

Picking out what special little something to get for folks in your life can be daunting, especially when the intended recipient isn't someone you know too well or the budget ain't exactly unlimited. Not to worry! TV Guide's got your back with a first-ever Holiday Gift Guide, packed with recommendations on what to give just about anyone who's as obsessed with the hottest shows, from Game of Thrones lover (whiskey anyone?) to RuPaul's Drag Race, Westworld to The Vampire Diaries Insecure and more. Check it out and, hey, don't forget to get a little something for yourself too.

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_Game of Thrones_ dragon egg candles

It's been a long time since Daenerys Targaryen's dragons were hatched, but the image of the green, yellow, and red eggs still resonates as so iconically Westerosian that these candles from Insight Editions are the perfect addition to any Game of Thrones fan's bookshelf. The company also offers larger candles with the Stark and Targaryen house sigils that are sure to cozy up the place when the long winter finally comes.

Get it: at Insight Luminaries or on Amazon

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_Brooklyn Nine-Nine_ cool cool cool shirt

2018 was a very weird year for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, as they watched the beloved cop show get the ax at Fox, only to be scooped up by NBC within a matter of hours. As the borrowed lingo featured on this ultra-giftable T-shirt indicates, though, no matter where it's housed, the fact that the hilarious show is coming back to the small screen soon is cool cool cool.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Doctor Who_ tee

The 13th Doctor's rainbow-striped T-shirt is already iconic, but it's also simple enough to sport around town without the non-fans noticing. For the Doctor Who fan who's already collected all the Tardis toys they can fit on that shelf, here's another option that's sure to be a hit at any time.

Get it: at Hot Topic

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_Carpool Karoke_ inspired bluetooth microphone

A savvy investment to keep kids from staging a mutiny during a long road trip.

Get it here.

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_Big Bang Theory_ Christmas ornament

Give that tree some Bazinga with this ornament!

Get it here.

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_Supernatural_ hobo bag

Only for the truly obsessed. If you're demon hunting anytime soon, this is the bag for you.

Get it here.

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_Game of Throne_ handbags

Fan merch can be notoriously low quality, but just as the series itself has done, these officially licensed Game of Thrones purses, change the game and set the bar sky high. The 18-piece collection, which also includes backpacks, wristlets, coin purses and more from Danielle Nicole is made of pieces crafted from high quality materials, all of them bearing nods to the show like dragon motifs and adorned with phrases like, "Winter is coming." With these, even the most serious fashonista can wear affection for Game of Thrones on her sleeve while sacrificing zero fierceness.

Get them here.

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the _black-ish_ guide to parenting + Jenifer Lewis' memoir

Help the parents in your circle be as cool as Dre and Bo with this guide to raising well-adjusted kids and while you're at it, toss in this hilarious and insightful memoir from Jenifer Lewis.

Get it here and here.

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_The Voice_ Wii game

An excellent present to ignite a round of family fun, or a good-natured competition between roommates.

Get it on Amazon.

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_Riverdale_ pajamas

Dressing up as the kids from Riverdale might be more of a Halloween thing, but for the rest of the year, celebrating the series can be as simple as sporting some cozy show-themed jammies during the next big binge session.

Get them: on Amazon

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_The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina_ Funko Pop doll

For those who've become absolutely obsessed with Netflix's new Riverdale spinoff, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this doll featuring the titular witch and her famous black cat Salem, is sure to be magic.

Get it: at Amazon

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_Charmed_ book of shadows

This pocket-sized Book of Shadows is chock full of handy spells for vanquishing everyday demons in a flash. A must have for your witchiest friend.

Get it here.

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A crystal Tardis for the _Doctor Who_ fan

A lovely collector's piece in celebration of the Thirteenth Doctor.

Get it here.

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_Breaking Bad_ 10th anniversary bar set

It's been 10 years since Breaking Bad first introduced us to Albuquerque's nascent drug kingpin, but the series is still just as relevant today as ever, what with the excellent spin-off Better Call Saul still running and the forthcoming film that will follow Jesse Pinkman's journey past that series finale cliffhanger. To celebrate the big decade anniversary, AMC has released this chemistry lab-style bar set that is sure to make the Heisenberg-lover in your life anything but blue.

Get it: at the AMC store

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_RuPaul's Drag Race_ adult coloring books

Your Drag Race friend knows exactly how to make the empty pages in these books look absolutely sickening.

Get it here.

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A necklace Inspired by Elena's _Vampire Diaries_ locket

Lovely and intoxicating, like Elena herself.

Get it here.

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_The Good Place_ swear mug

In addition to it being one of the funniest shows on television, The Good Place also offers fans a whole forking lot of safe-for-work swear word options, so for those who want to slip in a sly wordy-derd on their morning coffee routine, these mugs are no bullshirt.

Get it: at the NBC store or on Amazon

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Sunglasses worthy of _AHS_' Madison Montgomery

A good 40 percent of Madison Montgomery's effortlessly shady exterior comes from rocking big black hater blockers like these, sure to be the delight of the no-nonsense witch in your circle.

Get it on Amazon.

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Chances are the Will & Grace fan in your circle has a fabulous collection of books; this would make a lovely addition.

Get it on Amazon.

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_The Office_ Dwight Schrute birthday party kit

Make your friend the envy of her underwhelming workplace with this cheeky birthday party kit.

Get it here.

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A _Power_ T-shirt and hat

Bad boys (and girls) like Ghost, Tommy and Keisha move in silence, and the Power fan in your life will appreciate the subtle way this shirt and knit cap communicates, "Do not test me," to everyone who sees them stunt.

Get them here.

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_This Is Us_ T-shirt

Nobody needs another T-shirt, unless your intended is a fan of This Is Us, in which case they definitely needs this slogan tee that's basically a walking a magnet for other This Is Us fans -- and the right partner.

Get it here.

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_Better Call Saul_ Gus Fring bobble

Saul Goodman isn't the only Breaking Bad character to get a second life on Better Call Saul. Los Pollos Hermanos' shady entrepreneur is getting some serious backstory love on the show as well, and while he still doesn't betray much emotion as he slowly builds his underground empire, the stoic druglord is still a fan favorite, which means this Bobble doll is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys seeing that stern expression remain a fixture of the small screen.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Insecure_ cropped hoodie

Hella cute. A must for every weekend Insecure binge.

Get it at the HBO shop.

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_Outlander_ wine

Three 100ml bottles that taste like the essence of Jamie and Claire. Pour some time-traveling sugar on me.

Get it here.

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A backpack worthy of a superhero

We've seen first-hand just how exciting this durable, kid-friendly superhero school bag can be for the little ones; the bag's accompany mask and the attached cape is sure to get them feeling like a CW superhero. Cute and cool.

Get it here.

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_Westworld_ bobble toy

Westworld may have fully broken away from the creation era of the story at this point, but this person-in-process toy still depicts a very classic piece of the show's big puzzle. It's the perfect desk accessory for anyone who's spent time trying to decipher the show's many timelines and rebooted narratives.

Get it: at the HBO shop

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_ Supergirl_ tutu dress

Now you know you'll never get your little superhero to take this off once she puts it on but it's so adorable it won't matter.

Get it on Amazon.

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_Marvelous Mrs. Maisel_ notebook

Help the super stylish lady in your life crank her marvelous meticulousness up a notch with this lovely notebook.

Get it here.

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_Friends_ Trivial Pursuit

We've all got that loved one who could not be any bigger of a Friends fan and just loves clicking through the litany of trivia challenges that have gone viral over the years to see just how much they remember from that 10th binge session of the series. This Trivial Pursuit game will really challenge their devotion to the Central Perk pals.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Star Trek_ Oven Mitt

A very keen way to get your loved one to cook more, these Star Trek oven mitts are also cute.

Get it here.

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_Stranger Things_ in _Ghostbusters_ costume action figures

Netflix's Stranger Things might not have introduced a new season in 2018, but this awesome action figure set -- inspired by the boys' Ghostbusters-themed Halloween costumes in Stranger Things 2 -- did arrive just in time to make onto your shopping list for this year.

Get it: on Amazon

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Rick Grimes bracelet

Help your _Walking Dead_ superfan keep the newly departed Rick Grimes close to their heart (and hand) with this leather trinket.

Get it here.

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_Orange is the New Black_ "Free Taystee" shirt

Poor Tasha Jefferson aka Taystee really got a raw deal in Orange Is the New Black's latest season, as she was convicted of a murder she definitely did not do. With one more season to go, let's hope some justice finally gets served to the real perpetrator, but until then, any Taystee fan with his or her salt should gladly sport this "Free Taystee" tee.

Get it: at Tee Public

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_Riverdale_ charm bracelet

Another way to celebrate The CW's compelling high school drama is to sport this cute charm bracelet filled with tiny reminders of the show's central elements -- from football to Jughead's iconic cap to a Southside Serpent, it's all there.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Game of Thrones_ Risk

The Realm is a big, confusing place with a lot of moving parts, and keeping up with the ever-changing balance of power across Westeros is a challenge. So, why not have fun with it at home and play this version of the classic board game Risk?

Get it: at the HBO shop or on Amazon

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_Arrow_ body pillow

Who wants to cuddle up with Oliver Queen? Granted, it might make sleeping a challenge since he's super hot but it'll make for some sweet dreams for sure.

Get it here.

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_Friends_ new Funko Pop series

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_Glow_ Zoya the Destroyer T-shirt

Nothing will make the GLOW fan in your life feel more powerful than sporting this Zoya the Destroyer tee that celebrates the Ruskie rumbler.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Walking Dead_ "allies" box set

Rick Grimes' final stand on The Walking Dead might not have ended the way fans expected, but even with a series of movies still in store for the character, he probably won't be joining forces with his pseudo-lieutenant Daryl Dixon anymore, which makes this action figure box set, depicting the moment when the two first met Jesus together, that much more emotional.

Get it: at McFarlane

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_Friends_ door frame

Some things never go out of style, and that may just be true of this Friends peephole frame replica that looks just like the one Monica kept on the purple door in Apartment 20. It's also sure to be a hit with any Vanderpump Rules fan who still ships Jax and Brittany because they have one in their apartment, too.

Get it: on Amazon

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_American Horror Story_ Bitchcraft pouch

The witches from American Horror Story: Coven came back for the Apocalypse in a big way, so what better way for a fan to celebrate all the exciting role reprisals than to tote around a little "bitchcraft" themselves?

Get it: at the FX shop.

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_Supernatural_ hobo bag

What better way to show the ultimate fan you care than with a bag made from the Season 11 poster, with Sam, Dean Winchester and Castiel staring up at them forever.

Get it here

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_BoJack Horseman_ Monopoly game

Fish, there are a lot of characters and places to be seen in Netflix'sBoJack Horseman, but that makes this show-inspired Monopoly game that much more fun. Featuring the many colorful people -- er, animals -- and wacky situations its four-legged star encounters, don't bother passing "Go" before you pick this one up.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Black Mirror_ companion book

Charlie Brooker himself takes fans behind the scenes of his ominous and inventive series Black Mirror to lift the veil on how he's come up with so many of these disturbingly realistic plotlines about the dangers of technology. For those who can't help but be hooked on the oft-grim futuristic series, his book, Inside Black Mirror, is essential reading ... even if its pretty low-tech.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Westworld_ cowboy hat

Be like Teddy Flood in this timeless piece from the official creator of the ~iconic hat~ in Westworld, Baron.

Get it here.

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_Big Mouth_ hormone monster toys

Anyone who's lived through puberty is probably pretty glad that the hormone monsters from Big Mouth weren't real fixtures of that painful process, but for fans of Netflix's raunchy animated series, the toy versions of those spry creatures are festive and fun.

Get them: on Amazon

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_Better Call Saul_ "World's 2nd Best Lawyer" mug

A lot has changed between Jimmy McGill-slash-Saul Goodman and his girlfriend Kim since the show started, but the moment when she gave him that "World's 2nd Best Lawyer" mug is still pretty heartwarming, so giving the fan in your life their own version of the cup is a surefire way to say you care ... assuming they won't have to gnash their cupholder to make it fit like Jimmy did, of course.

Get it: on Amazon

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_American Vandal_ brownout shirt

The second (and unfortunately final) season of Netflix's mockumentary series American Vandal was a real gas -- a whodunnit about the source of a big poo wave that struck everyone with the runs. To celebrate, here's a shirt that commemorates the big brownout of 2018.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Rick and Morty_ Mystery Box

What's inside? A whole lot of crazy, that's for sure. If you're lucky enough there might even be a Pickle Rick inside.

Get it here.

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_Jessica Jones_ action figure

Jessica Jones survived Netflix's slaughter of Marvel shows, and for good reason: the lady is still a total badass. For anyone who appreciates her understated styling and kickass talents, this luxe action figure is sure to be an instant favorite.

Get it: on Amazon

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_Game of Thrones_ whiskey

An actual must for Game of Thrones fans.

Get it here.

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The Original Snoopy Sno-cone machine

A Christmas classic, no wifi, app or password required.

Get it on Amazon.