Morgan Spurlock doesn't think a fast-food burger is a happy meal at all. The director and star of the documentary Super Size Me (now out on DVD), spent one month recording his downfall from consuming an all-McDonald's diet. Now Spurlock, whose gut nearly busted in the fat-fueled experiment, says he's feeling better and ready to talk about living large.

TV Guide Online: Have you eaten McDonald's since you finished the movie?
Morgan Spurlock:
No. There are so many places to get a great burger. Why would I go to McDonald's? Those things have glow-in-the-dark cheese!

TVGO: What's your favorite burger?
The best burger is from a diner called Cozy's Soup 'n' Burger in New York. On the West Coast, I like In-N-Out, and about once every two years, I'll eat a Tommy's burger.

TVGO: I take it you haven't gone vegan.
I still enjoy a good steak, and I eat a lot of fish. When I was a kid, there was a dead animal on our table for every meal, but we also ate fresh vegetables from our garden. Today, people aren't eating around the dinner table. They're eating from bags and boxes, and it's just not natural.

TVGO: McDonald's has dropped the super size option from their menu. Think your film caused that change?
McDonald's says the movie had nothing to do with it, but I live in a place called reality. [Laughs] McDonald's says, "No one eats like he did in the movie." But I know people who eat McDonald's for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch and Domino's for dinner.

TVGO: A lot of kids eat that way.
Yeah, I've had so many kids come up to me after seeing the movie and say, "I haven't had fast food in about two months and I feel great." I'm taking the movie on the road to high schools, junior highs and colleges, because that's who really needs to see it.

TVGO: What documentary is next? Maybe you can smoke three packs of cigarettes daily for a month.
My girlfriend wouldn't allow that. I'd like to do a scripted black comedy next. But I've got a few other documentaries in mind. Don't worry, I've got a long list of problems I see in America!