Question: I voted for you on the PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity poll (like I do every year). Does that earn me some scoop on Moonlight? I heard that the CW might do something with it. What are the odds it will actually happen?

Answer: Thanks Marie for reminding everyone that my annual campaign to win PETA's SV honors has begun anew! As you'll recall, Kevin Eubanks edged me out at the 11th hour last year due to Jay Leno's shameless Tonight Show stumping. Help me avoid a repeat of that embarrassing fiasco by circulating this link to your friends/family and their friends and family with the following instructions: Vote for Ausiello! I don't think my enormous ego faint heart can withstand another crushing defeat. Now, what was your question Marie? Moonlight on the CW? Ain't happening. Sorry. But please, don't let that affect your vote! Would an endorsement from Alex O'Loughlin help? 'Cause I can probably make that happen.