Love is in the air on the set of CBS's Everybody Loves Raymond, although Brad Garrett still isn't inhaling any of it. Patricia Heaton, Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts — who all suspiciously missed at least one day of work since taping resumed on the new season — have each been granted small stakes in the sitcom's hefty syndication profits. According to trade reports, the coin — which could net them as much as $15 million apiece — came directly out of the pockets of the show's existing profit participants, including series creator Phil Rosenthal and star Ray Romano. As for Garrett, who is refusing to show up for work until he gets a raise, CBS reportedly offered him a similar profit-sharing pact — in addition to a 70 percent pay hike (from $4 million a year to $10 million). But the actor is said to be holding out for a better deal. As a result, producers were forced to write his character Robert out of the first two episodes of the new season.