Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon

Our top moments of the week:

13. Worst Union: FYI takes reality dating one step further by introducing strangers to each other — as they walk down the aisle to get married. By the end of  Married at First Sight's premiere, we see one of the pairs reactions and are left hanging. Will Jamie would go running or say "I do"? Regardless of the outcome, we're not embarrassed to say that we can't wait to watch. 

12. Best Fake-Out: After Kathryn gets a mysterious phone call at the beginning of Switched at Birth, the show spends most of the episode trying to mislead viewers with what the call could be about. Could it be Regina pointing a gun at her own daughter, Daphne, whom she mistakes for an intruder? Or perhaps Toby getting permission to drive John's Porsche to get a late night sundae? Neither! In the show's final moments, we return to the call to hear Kathryn telling her husband "there's been an accident." Cut to a hospital emergency room where a group of doctors and nurses are seen lifting a very bloodied, bruised and unconscious Angelo onto an operating table. Oh no!

11. Worst Intervention: When April faints at the kitchen table, her mom does some digging and discovers a mysterious bag of pills on Chasing Life. After failing to get answers from her brother-in-law, and April's doctor, George, she tries staging an intervention to stop her daughter from taking drugs. Frustrated and confused by just how off track her mother is as to what's really going on, April finally drops the bombshell that she has cancer. Hey, at least she's not abusing drugs?

10. Best Catfight: Pretty Little Liars' 100th episode does not disappoint and features one of the show's best fight scenes yet. After a verbal spat between enemies, Mona responds to Alison's harsh words with an epic slap. Even better? After a beat, Alison returns the favor and leaves a single streak of blood running down on Mona's cheek. Now that's getting blood on your hands! 

9. Worst Fake-Out: Talk about denial! Less than two weeks after Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy both announced they were leaving The View, McCarthy makes a surprising (and incorrect!) revelation. After Whoopi Goldberg calls out the "giant neon pink gorilla" in the room, McCarthy tells viewers that "all those rumors about how Sherri and I are leaving are not true!" The statement gets wild applause from the in-studio audience before McCarthy admits, "Actually it is true, but I love the support." Good one, Jenny, you really had us there for a minute (not). Here's hoping that next gig she teased on the show doesn't involve any acting.

8. Best New Villain:  The Bridge quickly introduces us to Season 2's Big Bad: a murderous, shunned Mennonite-turned-drug-cartel-accountant named Eleanor Nacht (Franka Potente). Eleanor may seem like an unassuming church lady at first glance, but she'll literally cut your ear off if you cross her. Even more chilling than Eleanor instructing her minion to deliver the bloody slice is the utter calm with which she watches the attack, and the same serenity she displays later in the premiere as she's rinsing away blood after committing a homicide. Something tells us Fausto Galvan should watch his back!

7. Best/Worst Performance: Well, this is embarrassing. Host nation Brazil is left with nothing but egg on its face after imploding 7-1 against a relentless Germany in the World Cup semifinal (at least it wasn't a shutout?), including giving up a mind-boggling five goals in the first 18 minutes! But this means we're better than Brazil, right? #MERICA

6. Best Showmances: Sunday's Big Brother feels like it was really trying to make up for all of last season's homophobia (without actually allowing for a gay showmance). There's the bizarrely romantic conversation between frenemies Devin and Caleb, which includes promises of cuddling and beautiful serenades. Next, the world gets introduced to Zrankie, the homoerotic, but totally platonic showmance between Zach and Frankie. "I am not gay, but the bond that Frankie and I have is so genuine and sincere that I truly feel that he is my boyfriend," Zach insists. We have no idea what's going on there, but we support it. Long live Zrankie!

5. Best Surprise: The series premiere of Halle Berry's new sci-fi series Extant is chock-full of OMG and WTF moments (see: her character, Molly Woods, returning from a 13-month solo space mission pregnant with a child and her interaction in space with her long-dead former flame). But the biggest head-scratcher comes in the show's final moments when Molly takes out the trash and comes face to face with one of her former fellow astronauts, Harmon, who has been believed to be dead for quite some time. "Don't trust them," he tells her. As if the robots and aliens weren't enough, now we gotta worry about ghosts too?!

4. Best Fandom: As if we need further confirmation that Brian Williams is awesome. The NBC News anchor/part-time "rapper" reveals on Late Night with Seth Meyers that he and his wife, Jane, are loyal viewers of The Bachelorette, and well, he's got a lot of feelings about the franchise. "Juan Pablo was a troubled man, and Andi has a huge choice to make, and I think home visits will prove a lot. After tonight, Seth, I think this will be a kind of new era going forward," he deadpans, before revealing that he and his wife have nicknames for the remaining men (usually based on their hair and "not all are suitable for family viewing even at this hour"). But don't ask him to predict the winner. "Just as I wouldn't speculate going into an election night, I can't speculate on the outcome, except to say, Andi we're with you," he says. Um, no offense, Chris Harrison, but how do we get BriWi to host?

3. Best Rollout:
Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon show us how they roll — literally! The Extant star gamely teams up with the Tonight Show host to form a human hamster wheel, which is exactly like it sounds. "I won't peek!" Jimmy assures the Oscar winner before they tumble down the mat. It's hilarious, absurd, and we cannot imagine anyone else convincing Berry to do this.

2. Best Reality Check: The Bachelorette's hometown dates take a sad turn when Chris Harrison calls Andi and the remaining four men to his house to inform them that contestant Eric Hill has died in a tragic paragliding accident. While it's hard to watch the group break down — and you can debate whether the show should've filmed the sequence at all — seeing how both the cast and crew reacted to the news is the show's most real moment yet. 

1. Worst Parting Shot: Here's a reason to howl.True Blood has featured many shocking deaths over the seasons — particularly this year — but none is quite as tragic as the demise of Alcide. The poor werewolf is just looking out for Sookie when he is unceremoniously shot in the head in the middle of the woods while naked.

What were your top moments?