OK, maybe he isn't the worst dad ever after all. Today in L.A., Kevin Federline will be at an emergency court hearing that was called by him. The Associated Press was not able to learn why his attorneys requested the session, but c'mon, I think we all know.

In related news, Us reports that since her last flight from rehab, Mrs. Federline hasn't gone near the kids. "She knows she is not well and she does not want to scare [older son] Preston," a source tells the mag. "She has no credit cards or cash. She is basically on the run at the moment." On the run with no credit cards? That won't get her far, especially since she's so frequently barefoot (never mind pregnant). Hope her cell battery still has enough juice to get a call in to Paris....

UPDATE: With the two spied arguing and Brit at times curled up in a ball in the passenger seat, Lynne Spears drove her troubled daughter back to the Promises rehab center late Wednesday night. K-Fed's emergency custody hearing has since been canceled. ( Extra, TMZ)

Thursday's Entertainment News was written by Ben Katner.